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27 UCI WorldTeams. 19 UCI ProTeams. 216 UCI Continental Teams.

This is the week where the UCI is expected to reveal at least parts of the revised 2020 race calendar. I love the Grand Tours and the Monuments. It's a very big part of our sport. But we have lot more. For instance:

19 UCI ProTeams ≈ 100 mEUR in play

216 UCI Continental Team ≈ m50 EUR in play

Values are at stake. I trust that our umbrella organization won't forget this. Not in 2020 and not in the years after. For 2020 it's all about survival. For 2021 and onwards it is still about survival. Sponsors must both be found and kept. Staff and riders paid. These are small(er) teams running on a financial limit from year-to-year and 2020 is the toughest one. Financial supporters are leaving at high speed, and the foundation is at risk of being torn apart.

UCI. Teams and organizers will need your help. Please make sure that racing is not all about the World Tour. Please make sure that application fees and costly processes are limited to a minimum for 2021. Please make sure that the value of diversity is recognized in action, not only in words.

Check out this podium from Lillehammer GP 2018 (part of the Uno-X Development Weekend):

1) A. Kamp (Team Waoo) 2) C. Bol (SEG) 3) A. Stokbro Nielsen (Riwal).

They are now racing for Trek-Segafredo, Team Sunweb and NTT Pro Racing. It's not all about Tour de France.

Jens Haugland

General Manager

About the Author

Jens Haugland is the General Manager of the Uno-X Norwegian Development Team and CEO of Uno-X Norge AS. Amongst friends and family he is well known for his level of enthusiasm and passion for the sport of cycling. You’ll meet him along the roads in the municipality of Nittedal, his beloved home region, on his custom-built DARE GFE or MR1s bike. You may also find him on Twitter by the name @sykkelsjefen, where he share his day to day thoughts on what’s going on in the world of cycling. He’s 36 years old and has three kids together with Elisabeth.

All photos taken by the excellent Jan Brychta

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