Uno-X and Klæbo

It is our responsibility to prepare Uno-X for the future. Both in terms of our core products and our brand. Maybe we are able to talk to both the brain and the heart of our customers?

You won't find a guy like Johannes Høsflot Klæbo around every corner. 23 years old. 3 Olympic gold medals and 36 World Cup victories. He is a star.

We also have 22 stars in the Uno-X Norwegian Development Team. World Champions, European Champions and National Champions. Match them together and magic can happen. Just because great sportive minds searching for marginal gains are better together than alone.


On the bike with Uno-X riders from time to time? Yes

Races for Uno-X? Not in the peloton. Always be welcome in the car :)

Bike? DARE Bikes. Of course.

Helmet on the bike? Sweet Protection Falconer Aero Helmet. Live to play another day.

Shoes? Shimano RC-901. White ones.

Clothing on the bike? Bioracer. We make you faster.

Length of agreement? At least five years.

Shave his legs? We really hope so.

Share ideas and develop cycling and cross country skiing? Yes. Expect a lot, hope for magic.

The estimated ad value from the last couple of days: MNOK 10 (social media excluded).

We can't wait to develop this partnership. Both with our brains and our hearts.

Have a nice weekend,

Jens Haugland

General Manager

About the Author

Jens Haugland is the General Manager of the Uno-X Norwegian Development Team and CEO of Uno-X Norge AS. Amongst friends and family he is well known for his level of enthusiasm and passion for the sport of cycling. You’ll meet him along the roads in the municipality of Nittedal, his beloved home region, on his custom-built DARE GFE or MR1s bike. You may also find him on Twitter by the name @sykkelsjefen, where he share his day to day thoughts on what’s going on in the world of cycling. He’s 36 years old and has three kids together with Elisabeth.

Photo Credit: Emil Sollie.

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