For some it is the highlight of the year to reveal (and brag a bit) about the transfer news ahead of the official team communication. For us it the highlight of the year to see young riders blossom and develop as human beings. That is our #mercato.

In an operating nature of 35 riders it is a part of the game to let riders go. Some are of course more difficult than others. Here is an overview.

Markus Hoelgaard. 3 years with Uno-X. A great leader and ambassador. He had the best offer we could give him, but at the same time Markus is 26 years old and truly deserves the chance. Guaranteeing a WT-program came a bit too early for us, and I understand that is a dream coming true for Markus. We’ve had a really good dialogue all the way and it is fantastic to see him joining such a great team. Thanks Markus - enjoy your dream.

Jonas Iversby Hvideberg. 4 years with Uno-X. Our U23 European Champion from 2020. Been through our U23 ranks and has developed to become a future leader and road captain. He it still a part of our captains-team throughout the 2021 season and he is a great contributor. No wonder he got attractive after his last season - he is a professional rider with many years to come in the WT-peloton. Good luck Jonas!

Frederik Rodenberg. 2 years with Uno-X. His talent is of no discussion, and Frederik will now turn his eyes to the road after Tokyo 2021. His stay with us has been challenging and to be fair - not as planned. With the one-year delay of the Olympics and a limited number of days on the road we haven’t had the proper chance to develop together as intended. We asked and recommended Frederik to stay with us a couple of more years, but he chose otherwise. We fully respect that and wish him all the best in the future.

Julius Johansen. 2 years with Uno-X. What a machine. A fantastic talent, but with need for guidance and stability. The postponement of the Olympics gave the track riders a big challenge, and no doubt that the road racing somewhat had to be sacrificed in certain periods. We fully support the move on for Julius. It is the right thing to do, and we hope to see him unleash his potential in the future. Best of luck!

We will always support and cheer for riders leaving. We want the best for our riders. That will never change. Conti, ProTeam or WorldTeam. It is the Uno-X family.

NB! Riders from our own U23 ranks getting drafted by a WT-team(s) with an own devo team is probably one of the best compliments we can get ;)

Uno-X is about #development

About the Author

Jens Haugland is the General Manager of the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team and CEO of Uno-X Norge AS. Amongst friends and family he is well known for his level of enthusiasm and passion for the sport of cycling. You’ll meet him along the roads in the municipality of Nittedal, his beloved home region, on his custom-built DARE GFE or MR1s bike. You may also find him on Twitter by the name @sykkelsjefen, where he share his day to day thoughts on what’s going on in the world of cycling. He’s 37 years old and has three kids together with Elisabeth.

Photo credit: Mario Stiehl (Hoelgaard, Hvideberg and Resell) and WordUp Project (Rodenberg)

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