The Uno-X business is established in Norway and Denmark. We have a structure of unmanned fuel stations targeting the low-price segment. This is an efficient model with limited complexity. You are our customer, and I have to say thanks. We are growing more steadily than ever, and our robust foundation sets the direction. Uno-X dreams to be the industry leader towards sustainable mobility.

We are by definition operating a UCI ProTeam. Base salaries, pensions, insurances and other social benefits. At the moment we have 22 professional riders with a group of staff members at the highest level. We are young in the world of cycling, but that is not an excuse. We can still run our operations with the highest professional standard. The former CEO of Rolls-Royce, Marion Blakely, once said "you can't leave a footprint that lasts if you're always walking on tiptoe." 

E-biking, gravel biking, road racing, commuting++. Cycling is probably the most efficient and environmental friendly way of traveling. This is true for all generations across the globe, and it is good for your health as well. We hope cycling will get an ever greater future share in city transport and logistics. That is pure logic.

It is possible to run off alone, but it's a lot more fun to do it together. High-performance cultures are recognized by a strong Team identity. If we are able to utilize the potential in our team, we have a united force difficult for our competitors to stop. Is it possible to create the Scandinavian pro cycling version of AFC Ajax? With riders from Denmark and Norway? Not with the highest wage cost, but with the highest ambition of developing the next generation of riders? We certainly think so. And don't forget - AFC Ajax is often to be seen in the Champions League. Sometimes young and inexperienced, but sometimes young and almost impossible to beat.

From July 1, 2020 we will race as Uno-X Pro Cycling Team. That's development.

Jens Haugland

General Manager

About the Author

Jens Haugland is the General Manager of the Uno-X Norwegian Development Team and CEO of Uno-X Norge AS. Amongst friends and family he is well known for his level of enthusiasm and passion for the sport of cycling. You’ll meet him along the roads in the municipality of Nittedal, his beloved home region, on his custom-built DARE GFE or MR1s bike. You may also find him on Twitter by the name @sykkelsjefen, where he share his day to day thoughts on what’s going on in the world of cycling. He’s 36 years old and has three kids together with Elisabeth.

Photo Credit: WordUp Projects

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